SEADRIF, is a regional platform that will build ASEAN’s financial resilience against climate shocks and disasters by providing knowledge, technical and financial solutions.

Through SEADRIF, ASEAN countries are taking leadership in building a joint mechanism to enhance preparedness for climate and disaster risks.

SEADRIF is an ASEAN+3 Initiative in partnership with The World Bank. It is composed of these four tracks:

  1. The SEADRIF Trust: a legal arrangement for SEADRIF open to all ASEAN+3 countries and governed by the Council of Members that will provide overall strategic direction for SEADRIF.
  2. SEADRIF Sub-Trust(s): an arrangement(s) for a sub-group(s) of SEADRIF member countries and development partners to develop and govern specific initiatives.
  3. The SEADRIF Trustee: holds the legal title to the assets of SEADRIF Trust and is the sole shareholder of the SEADRIF Insurance Company.
  4. The SEADRIF Insurance Company:a general insurance company registered in Singapore.